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I totally love the speed this game runs at - its fast and precise and the enemies actually put up a decent fight. Great sprite work too - you've really managed to fit a lot of personality into the clone. 

Actually hitting the enemies is harder than it seems due to the really locked-in angle you can shoot the bullets. It would be easier if the bullets moved a little slower or curved to mirror your own movements like in the original, but it adds its own unique challenge this way which is great. Love the clone ! 

Thank you! If I had more time on this before the deadline, curving the bullet will definitely be the next feature I would add. Glad you enjoyed this clone!

My favourite among other clones I played! The tress are smooth and pleasent, love how they change the sprite depend on distance,  love the cat paw, love the bullets, two minor issues I encountered were I couldn't hit the helicoptor, and if I slowed the bike down all the way it would move backwards😂 Anyway, it is a great clone!

Thank you! I didn't notice that moving backward problem before 😂  thank you for pointing that out!

Hey Luna! The game runs very well and feels great! I like the indication of the Day/Night patrol -- it's a nice little detail to add some flavor from the original game. I ran into a minor collision problem, when I grazed past a tree I was sure I wasn't gonna hit, I ran into it. I like the cat theme and sound effects! An exceptional clone overall!!!

Hey Euris! Thank you for playing! I will consider to reset the collider for player so hope less collision problems will occur if there will be an update version of this.

Overall, CatDeathChase runs really smoothly. Movement is well-tuned with a comfortable degree of acceleration, surrounding objects scale believably, and launching off a quick barrage of fireballs while speeding through the level feels great. I've got a couple of criticisms, though. For one, the UI is way too small to parse during play, so I can't immediately tell whether I'm in range of enemy bikers. The only other issue I had is that, though I noticed you've fixed up some collision problems, I somehow kept crashing into trees which appeared to have been behind me. That aside, I enjoyed playing this clone more than the original game, so you've definitely earned my stamp of approval (for whatever that's worth). Awesome work!

Thank you! I see that the ui (specially, the in range indicator when it's blinking) is not as obvious as the one in the original game, if there is a further update version I will try to increase the size or change the layout of it to test out how it feels (And also keep optimizing the collision).