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This game is hilarious! I love that you went with the Happy Tree Friends theme song, the artstyle is great, and the movements are buttery smooth. I was able to be happy at my job for about 1:30s. Your game dances the fine line between not being too hard, but not too easy, it got really intense towards the point where I had very little happiness and little of my boss' patience. The only thing I would say could use some work is how the boss moves. In the games I played, he was off the screen for such a short amount of time that it never felt like I was able to build up happiness as fast as I built up my boss' patience. But with what we've got here, this is a great game with an interesting theme and style. I applaud your work once more!

Thank you! 1:30 is a really strong score!

I really loved this game! The pixel block style works really well for your theme and was really well designed. The pausing and playing of the silly video was really well integrated and felt nice to interact with. I think the rate at which the boss appears was really well done and definitely added to the subtle stress of the game, but since he appears so often, it would be nice to have some sort of indicator or alarm system in place as to when he might appear. I think if you wanted to work on it more, once the happy meter is fulfilled you move on to a new level where its much harder to maintain both  - part of me wanted a win screen for when I filled up my happy meter, but I suppose it wouldn't be on theme then. Overall I really enjoyed this game, well done!

I really like the idea of moving player to a new level once the happy bar is full (like you would get a promotion if you watch enough video at work haha)! Thank you for this great suggestion! 

This game is so good! I love the pixelated art style, and I think the premise is super fun too! It really reminds me of the Gamer minigame from "Game & Wario". I really dig the way you incorporated a timer into the actual game setting as well. It's really clever! 

I think one thing you could possibly add in a future installment is some kind of "boss detector" just so that players can have a sense of when the boss might come around. I think another way to get around this could be having the boss only get angry when he LOOKS at you. This way, you can keep playing the video even if the boss keeps walking around in front of you, but you'd need to watch out for whenever he might stop and snap his head to see you. It could add a lot of layers to strategy and risk-taking, and I think it would make the game feel a lot fairer as well! 

But other than that, I thought this game was great! I loved the very cutesy aesthetic. :)


Thank you! I was thinking about to add a boss indicator. Love the idea that the boss might look at you! If there is an update version that is definitely going to be added. Thank you for this great idea!