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I was certainly not expecting this. The twist hit me exactly how I think you intended it to. This is a really excellent take on non-human POV and I think you absolutely nailed playing as the computer. The art style is nice and inviting. I enjoyed how casual the dialogue felt and the tone reminded a bit of portal at the end. The personality in this game is very tangible, like a snapshot in time of you as a creator which is cool to see. Great job!


I also really struggled with this prompt, but I loved how you turned it into this very personal experience. I personally think the switch from pressing space to see text to playing a sound game was a bit unexpected and I think that partially because of how jarring the announcers voice was, I think if there was more a lead up w/ a calmer voice it would have flowed smoother. I also found that having to keep track of four keys was a bit hard, as you just had to remember what they were, so perhaps making It only two keys instead of SW and OI would be nice. Overall I really loved this game and the animations were very smooth. Great work!


This game just made my day! When I read the prompt I was immediately stressed bc I didn't know how to make a non human pov that someone could actively have fun with. I liked that you turned that whole theme into a meta game which is so creative!! I have absolutely no critiques I just want you to know that i absolutely love this game and you did an amazing job!!!

This is so creative and meta, i really love the experience. One critique I had was the slightly jarring text to speech. I would say that as a game that relies heavily on sound design, it would benefit from an announcer is as calming as the original music.

I relate so hard to the "idk what to do for pov"
This game was so innovative! I love this type of interaction of the player, even though personally I was a little freaked out that if I opened my eyes I was going to see some horrible face or something. But it was a pleasant experience!

I guess the only critique I would have, would be to maybe add some more challenges to extend the game. Like more keys or some weird silly commands with the music.

Great work tho, I enjoyed it!

Luna! This is a wonderfully creative meta game! The keyboard switch was a good idea, I love the little animation you had (very simplistic and I love your style)! It felt so weird playing this, I had absolutely no idea what was about to happen, I even felt a little entranced by having my eyes closed and following commands. Very surreal experience all around. I don't even know where to begin to critique, where do I comment on a game that's this well thought out?

I suppose more commands would be interesting, but I can see that getting difficult for the player to manage. 

Solid and creative game experience overall, now I want to see you make a comic series in this style.  Excellent job!

This game is super good!! I love the whole premise of this a lot :)

That was trippy. I guess a thing to keep in mind, is accessibility for this one. there may be a way to communicate the directions in text as well, but that's a super nitpick thing that could be added on  to what you have. well done

Luna, this is really incredible. I love this so much

This isn't one of my 5 critique comments I just love this game and wanted to tell you that

Thank you TR!!

This is a really interesting game, and so is your understanding on non-human POV. It really got me thinking for a while. I really appreciate your tutorial / beginning words, since you make it very effective in bringing me into the mood and start figuring what you’re trying to do, the tone of your words and also how you slowly teach me about the game step by step, like having a conversation. Great job!

Thank you!

I actually wondered about this myself - how do you truly make a non-human POV game when the player themselves, presumably, is human - and I think you did a fantastic job answering that prompt by manipulating the player outside of the constraints of the machine, further disorienting them by changing "up" to "down" and "left" to "right" so they can't rely on their own sense of logic. The player becomes as much like a computer as is possible for a game of this scope, and it's very well executed (the jibberish complaints are an especially nice touch). If I were to offer a suggestion, I think just one more key outside the range of 'W,' 'S,' 'I,' and 'O' would add the slightest bit more confusion into the mix, as the player might lose track of the keys they're supposed to press, but that might bring the game a little too far from its CPU premise. Great work overall!

Hi Jordan! I had consider about adding more keys but I'm afraid once player lose track they will just open their eyes to check. Thank you for your feedback!

This is a very fresh perspective, and I love how you turned this game philosophical. Also, the font choice is fantastic -- even though ppl might say it's such a small thing, but I do need to point it out your attention to detail. I did open my eyes the first time playing it, but it didn't ruin the experience at all -- When I realized what you  meant to narrate at the end, it still blew my mind. So great job on that! - Frank

Thank you!!

This was a really interesting take on the prompt and I liked it a lot! (Especially how polished it all felt. The art is really nice! ) I almost had a critique for this game because W was down and S was up when it's usually the reverse and same for O and I, but it made more sense to me when I played it a second time with my eyes open. It was a lot harder for me to focus on what button was for which direction because I wanted to move the character to the star, but when I played the first time with my eyes closed, I only messed up twice because I was focusing on fewer things. Either way I thought this was a really neat game! Nice job! ^^

Thank you! Yes, the key position is reversed for mainly two purpose, one is to distract those who play it with their eyes open. Another reason is that, imagine that you are the computer of the "player" (so you are facing the "player"), the player's front is your back and player's left is your right. Maybe I should explain this in the game. I will consider about this. Thank you for your feedback!

most i9ntrestig, game ever i have ever played 9999999999/5 amazing


Thank you!!

wierd fun game recomend

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Thank you for your comment! By the time you left this comment, I assume you played the mac download version which has a bug in it that cut out the end part. I apologize for that. If you are interested about the ending, you can check the newly update WebGL version. 

thx for the fyi hope you keep creating and doing what you do